Beowulf Forest of Merica Heroes

Now here is a beer not to be sniffed at. This absolutely fantastic ale was recommended to us by some excellent spirits "gurus'" that actually work in real estate. Get in touch and visit Cannock estate agent site. And oh what a treat it is. Now we know it isn’t a wine or spirit but it has to be heard about by more people.

This is the type of ale that more people should know about. It’s essentially a bitter and the Beowulf Brewery’s signature drink. First brewed in 1996 and going strong almost 20 years later, it comes in at a steady 5.5%.

If you’re wondering just what it tastes like, the simple answer is magic. With an essentially nutty ale taste throughout, it is a lovely golden beer that balances expertly between being hoppy and sweet. It could easily be the type of drink you’d have in the beer garden on the first sunny day of the year and not want to end any time soon.

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