Office Infusions

Ducks Blinds is now very proud to be offering a unique class to businesses in the greater London area. If you’re working in office space in east London and are looking for a fun way to start the weekend, you’ll love our very special office infusion classes..

Office Infusion is a chance for the office to let the hair down on those last hours on a Friday afternoon and get ready for the weekend in a manner their friends won’t have before.

We come to your office around lunchtime and set up a ‘Maxi-Mini’ Bar. We have a selection of almost every spirit imaginable and over 75 unique flavours ready for infusion. We teach workers how alcohol infusion works, how to make it in your own time, and even create sample mini bottles that everyone can take home.

It’s a unique office party and miles better than having to drink a warm bottle of beer that was hurriedly purchased earlier that day. Not only will you be given a brief history lesson as to why the world loves beer, gin, vodka and whisky so much, but you’ll also get to sample the best spirits available out there today.

We’re only holding the classes in the East London area right now, but if you’re in the Greater London area and are interested in this fun and informative way of drinking, please get in touch.