Infusing Spirits

Now we’ve previously mentioned about crazy flavours for infused vodkas. It might have got you wondering just how to do it. We’re not ones to ruin a good spirit, but if for some reason you’ve been given a sub-par bottle of vodka (or any spirit really) that you now won’t be as good as your usual go to drink, you can try a bit of infusion yourself.

Here are the steps you should follow for infusing a spirit.

1.Tap the bottle
Did someone come back from holiday and hand you an oversized bottle of ‘genuine’ vodka that is in a plastic bottle. Plastic isn’t kind to spirits and can tarnish the flavour over time. Make sure your spirit is to to infuse undisturbed in a glass bottles.

2.Choose the right flavour
Yes infusion is fun. That doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to mess about with flavours and have a ‘chocolate-skittle’ hybrid. Go for a flavour you never tire of, or, if you understand the ingredients in a vodka based cocktail, use them.

3. A proper wash
Using fresh fruit or vegetables. The prep them like you would before cooking. Any dirt and you’ll have a tarnished spirit in a few weeks.

4.Slice and dice
If you are using fresh ingredients, cut them up fine. The greater surface area will ensure the vodka draws out more of that flavour. If you’re using a candy like skittles, its ok to leave them intact as the flavour of hard candies are usually sprayed on. And if you’re using meat i.e. bacon, the fat is more important in the infusion than the strips will be.

5.Drop it in
Put your desired ingredient in to the spirit, close the bottle tight and give it a quick shake.

6. Leave it
Congratulations; you’ve just infused a spirit. It’s now important to just wait. The longer you do so, the better it will taste. The only time you need to change it is when you can clearly see separation occur. Give it a quick shake again after a few days and help the flavours distribute even more.

NB: Make sure that the room you are infusing your spirits in is neither too hot nor to cold - we keep our spirits at the perfect temperature thanks to Trade Radiators cast iron radiators, that not only look great but also get the job done!